Friday, 26 April 2013

Cricket on the '£'

The above link from the Bank of England is interesting. It details all the historical figures past and present who have been suggested and possibly considered for use on English banknotes.

Surprisingly, given England's penchant for cricket, and the strong relation between cricket of antiquity and the sense of 'Britishness' which one would think a key part of what qualifies someone for 'banknote' status, there is only one cricketer suggested. Even more surprisingly  that one cricketer is Michael Vaughan. Perhaps it was just a '05 Ashes inspired thought that quickly died, but even if that was the case why pick Vaughan? There are figures from that series that feature far more often in public conciousness than Michael Vaughan, no matter how able he was with the bat.

Perhaps Flintoff disgraced himself from the establishment too often. After all, I can't imagine they would allow Flintoff on a banknote. Besides, surely this kind of thing is supposed to wait until decades after your death, right?

Currency in Barbados features on the $5 note a watermark of a cricket ball and set of stumps, and the 1999 version showed Sir Frank Worrell as the watermark  The E-series English £10 note features a cricket match being played on the reverse. These are the only examples I can find thus far.

I for one would be open to seeing Jack Hobbs, WG. Grace, CB Fry or perhaps Basil D'Oliveria on the new fifty-quid note.

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